WP Mayor: One WordPress Blog You Should Definitely Be Following

Today we’d like to draw your attention to a valuable resource that WordPress users of all levels will find useful.

If you are looking for tips and guides covering how to get the most out of WordPress; detailed reviews of plugins, themes, and supporting services; as well as all the latest news and happenings taking place in the community then WP Mayor is a site that you definitely need to have on your radar.

The fact that the site also features regular giveaways allowing you to get your hands on top WordPress-related products and services for free is also another good reason why you should check out this blog on a regular basis.

Who is Behind the Site

WP Mayor was founded in 2010 by Jean Galea who has since been joined by his wife in the day to day running of the site. The blog also publishes content from a number of contributes, of which I must confess I am one.

Jean has a history as a web developer with a focus on WordPress which he draws on to steer the content strategy for the WP Mayor blog.

Top Posts from WP Mayor

WP Mayor benefits from a high frequency posting schedule, and judging by the lively debate and discussion that occurs on some of the most popular posts on the site, is a blog that is not only well-read, but also followed by some of the key figures in the WordPress community.

To give you a good idea of the type of content posted on the site, as well as providing a good jumping off point for getting up to speed with what you might have missed, here is a small selection of popular and useful posts that have been published at WP Mayor:

The site really does cover all aspects of WordPress, so whether you are interested in the best plugin for a particular task, want some easy to ingest tips, or just want to get a good overview of the latest talking points, WP Mayor is a great resource.

Not Just Bloggers

Jean and the team at WP Mayor not only maintain this popular blog but also offer a number of WordPress-related services. These cover a range of fields although most of them are focused around everyone’s favorite blogging and CMS platform, including:

  • Development: from PSD to WordPress theme creation and migration, to site setup and ongoing freelance work
  • Website Security: prevention and cure
  • Reviews and Audits: site evaluations and optimization advice

As you can see, the WP Mayor team not only writes about WordPress, but gain hands-on experience and insights from delivering a range of professional services. This experience feeds into, and provides inspiration for the content published on the blog. Jean has also developed a number of plugins including the versatile WP RSS Aggregator plugin.


If you are new to WordPress, or just find you are following too many different blogs covering this platform, then subscribing to WP Mayor is a quick way to get all the latest information from one source, without having to spend all your time trying to keep up with the latest posts and shares from multiple publishers.

Besides, where else can you find all the latest WordPress jobs alongside in-depth reviews, and more.

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