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The WordPress Tavern started off life in 2009 as an independent WordPress news blog. After its rise in popularity, which saw it become one of the go to sources of WordPress news on the web, the site was acquired in 2011 by the co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg.

Although the ownership of WP Tavern changed hands, its creator Jeff Chandler was hired to keep working on the site by the new owners, Mullenweg’s Audrey Capital.

As well as the regular blog posts, the site is also home to the popular WordPress Weekly podcast, which at the time of writing, is on its 152nd episode, and features notable guests from the WordPress community and beyond.

Who is Behind WordPress Tavern

As mentioned just now, the site was started by Jeff Chandler, who still works on the site as a regular contributor. Over the years, Jeff has been joined by additional writers and the current core writing team now consists of Marcus Couch and Sarah Gooding, and of course Jeff.

Top Content from WP Tavern

With multiple posts going live on the site most days, it can be hard to keep on top of the output from WP Tavern. The content is mainly news stories, which by their nature will decline in interest as time goes by since their date of publication. However there is also a good smattering of reviews or features on useful plugins, themes, and services.

To help give you a favor of what you can find at the Tavern, here are some recent, popular articles from the team:

Due to the seemingly large readership of the site, any topical or slightly controversial posts will generate a good amount of comment and discussion. This makes the comments section after most posts essential reading in order to get a range of insights on the original story, from multiple angles.


If you are looking for a single source for all of the latest WordPress news and updates, and also an easy way to stay in the loop on all things WordPress, then WP Tavern is the closest you will get to a single resource.

The constant stream of content and the great understanding Jeff and the team have of WordPress and the different components that make up the community and the ecosystem can’t be beaten. The writers’ inside information and contacts in the industry also help to ensure they are first with a breaking news story, often with quotes from the leading players involved.

It’s also refreshing to read a WordPress site that appears to have no need to please advertisers or promote products or services, although the fact it is owned by someone with a vested interest in certain aspects of WordPress is worth being aware of.

If you want a daily news source that covers all of the latest developments from the World of WordPress on one site, then WordPress Tavern is that site.

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