WP101: Video Tutorials for Learning WordPress the Easy Way

The goal at WP101 is to teach the basics of WordPress and beyond in about one hour, all through a series of professionally shot video tutorials. The tutorial series covers everything you need to know in order to create and manage a WordPress site, with the lessons geared towards new users of WordPress who are looking to get a better understanding of the software.

For those who aren’t fans of textbooks, and prefer a more multimedia 21st century approach to learning, then the online videos at WordPress 101 are a great option.

The instructional videos are re-recorded each time a new release of WordPress is made available, ensuring that their learning materials are right up to date. There is even a Spanish language version of the tutorial series available now, recorded using a localized version of WordPress.

Over at WP101 you will also find a WordPress blog and a membership forum, where customers can ask all their WordPress related questions.

Who is Behind WP101

WP101 was launched back in 2008 by Shawn Hesketh, a freelance designer and WordPress consultant who has been creating websites since 1994. Over at Shawn’s website, he gives advice and shares his experience of running a membership site with 20,000 members, as well as offering his custom WordPress video service.

Other Projects and Services

As well as the video tutorials that are available at the WP101 website, there is also a WP101 Plugin which has been created for developers who would rather not spend their precious time teaching their clients how to use WordPress, and would prefer to let someone else take over those duties.

By installing the WP101 Plugin on any site before handing it over to a client, the new site owner will be able to access 20 tutorial videos, all from their within their WordPress dashboard area, from the Video Tutorials menu item. The videos are all hosted by the WP101 team so there are no server or hosting overheads for the clients to take on.

As the videos are updated when WordPress is, they will always be demonstrating the features of WordPress in the same user environment the viewer is working in. Web designers, developers, and those building the sites can also add their own custom videos for any non-standard features they add to their client’s sites. It’s also possible to hide and videos that cover sections of WordPress the client doesn’t have access to.


If you want to get a better understanding of WordPress and how to use it to manage your own website then the series of video tutorials at WP101 are a perfect way to learn at your own pace, in a style you won’t forget.

However, for those developing sites for clients using WordPress, and who want to simplify the handover process by using an off the shelf set of learning materials, then the videos from WP101 and the WP101 Plugin really come into their own.

The coming soon page is well worth keeping an eye on to see which elements of WordPress will be getting WP101 treatment next.

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