WPHub: Your WordPress Portal into Themes, Plugins, and Great Content

The objective of WPHub is to provide WordPress users with a selection of top quality resources all from one central place. The content on offer from this stalwart of the WordPress community is focused around themes, plugins, tutorials, and hosting, as well as the wide range of content that is posted to the regularly updated blog.

In addition to publishing regular content about our favorite blogging platform, including a regular stream of tutorials, one valuable feature of WPHub you will find is its theme and plugin hubs. From here readers get the chance to browse a large selection of themes from a range of sources, all from the centralized location of the WPHub theme portal.

The site also takes a similar approach to collating many of the different premium plugins available for WordPress, each with accompanying reviews and setup guides to help you really decide if a particular plugin is the right choice for your project.

While the WordPress.org site covers the free resources available for WordPress, WPHub aims to provide a similar service for premium products.

Who is Behind the Site

WPHub started off life as WordPressThemes.com back in 2010, before expanding its scope, which in turn lead to the name change. In around 2012 WPHub incorporated the content from the WP Mods website which was run by Kevin Muldoon, who is now a regular contributor to the WPHub blog.

The site is managed by Tactical.com which is headed up by Michael Jackness, who is a regular author at WPHub. He is joined by a large team of contributors, with some very well-known names from the WordPress community amongst them.

The varied list of authors allows WPHub to draw from the experiences of a range of experts from all corners of the WordPress community. It also means you get to hear from a range of voices, each giving their own take on the state of WordPress and the best ways to get the most out of the platform, and online publishing in general.

Top Posts from WPHub

WPHub isn’t short on content. With an impressive posting schedule and a large team of writers, the growth of this site shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. To help you get a better understanding of what you can find over at WPHub, as well as making it easier to find some of the best posts on the site, here is some recommended reading:

As you can see there are some pretty useful resources over at WPHub, offering practical advice for users of all levels.

Other Reasons to Check out WPHub

As well as all the great content that is posted to the blog on a regular basis, another reason to keep an eye on WPHub is the free WordPress themes they have produced which are available directly from the site.

You can download these themes without even having to sign up to a newsletter or create an account, making it a truly free theme repository. They look pretty good too and are nicely customizable.

If you are looking to make a WordPress-related purchase then the coupons section is also worth checking out to see what savings you might be able to make when checking out on other sites. At the time of writing there were discounts available for premium theme stores and more.


Whether you want the latest news, reviews, and useful tutorials or a central place to view the premium themes and plugins that are available for WordPress from a range of sources, WPHub is a great place to call home.

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