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The WPMU DEV Blog is the content arm of WPMU Dev, the largest WordPress plugin store in operation today. The blog and the store started off life with a strong leaning towards WordPress Multisite users, but their scope has since expanded to cover all aspects of WordPress.

The blog features the latest news and reviews of plugins, themes, and WordPress-related services, plus a steady stream of useful tips and tutorials to help WordPress users make the most of their sites. The regular blog content is now joined by the newly launched WhiP newsletter, a daily source of news, and must-read content from the world of WordPress and beyond.

While some WordPress blogs pump out top 10 theme and plugin lists on an almost daily basis, the WPMU DEV blog team take a more in-depth approach to reviewing WordPress products. This can be seen in their multi-part series on finding the best web host, or the best theme sellers. However, if you are looking for a quick top 10 roundup, the team don’t disappoint on that front either.

Who is Behind WPMU Dev and its Blog?

WPMU Dev and the blog is owned and operated by Inscub who also own and operate Edublogs. This means the project is presided over by entrepreneur James Farmer, who himself has an interesting story covering how he made his way from a non-technical background to where he is today.

As well as the input from James, the WPMU Blog is a multi-author project. This allows the team to publish content on a daily basis. The core team of current contributors have been joined by many others over the years that have gone onto work on a number of other notable WordPress projects including WP Tavern and beyond.

The team are always on the lookout for new talent, so if you have a story to tell, then check out the write for us page.

Top Content from the WPMU Dev Blog

The content published on the WPMU Dev blog covers all aspects of WordPress and thanks to the varied team of writers, it’s all written from a number of different perspectives. As this is a well-read blog, discussion on the most popular posts can get lively, with one post on free WordPress themes racking up over 500 responses from readers.

Here are some of the best and most popular posts that have been published so far:

As you can see there is a good selection of content on the site. It’s not uncommon to find posts that go further in-depth than other sites do in order to really help you make the best choice when selecting a product or service.

Other Projects and Services

As mentioned earlier, the company behind WPMU Dev also runs Edublogs, an education blogging service built using WordPress Multisite.

However, for regular WordPress users, the WPMU Dev membership service provides access to 100s of premium themes and plugins, as well as access to their live support service, and discussion forums.


The WPMU Dev blog is one of the most busiest and well-rounded WordPress blogs out there. With posts going live on a daily basis, and now the addition of a daily newsletter service, this blog is making a strong case for being the most comprehensive one stop shop for WordPress news, reviews, and tutorials.

Visit the WMPU Dev blog to start getting your daily dose of WordPress wisdom.

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