Deploy WordPress Sites with CircleCI Orbs and Pagely



Integrate CircleCI with Pagely

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Deploying your WordPress site from CircleCI is a breeze with Pagely’s CircleCI deployment orb. Whether you’re starting fresh or deploying from an existing CircleCI workflow, our integration handles all of the heavy lifting for you.

Eliminate Deployment Complexity

While most WordPress deployment workflows involve transferring files over SFTP or adding another Git repository into the mix, our CircleCI integration ensures seamless, reliable, and secure deployments.

Why fumble around with setting up a bunch of complex commands if you don’t have to?

Secure Credentials

Our CircleCI integration uses authentication tokens that are generated on a per-app, per-integration basis. This means that your credentials can only be used for deploying to the destination you specify, and can be regenerated at any time.

Effortless Sanity Checking

Instead of just blindly mirroring your files, our CircleCI orb performs sanity checks to avoid accidentally overwriting hazardous locations, such as WordPress core files and user uploads. Of course, if you find the need to add or remove any rules, we have your back there too!