Secure WordPress Hosting Ritz Carlton + Fort Knox

Unlike other WordPress hosting companies we do not rely on 3rd party malware services to clean up the carnage. We developed PRESSARMOR™ to prevent the problem before it happens with enterprise grade firewalls, hardened systems, and an in house security team to personally address any issues.

Traditional "unlimited" hosts may offer cheap cheap pricing, but in trade for non-existent security. Many other companies tell you how secure they are, Pagely shows you. Secure WordPress Hosting is not a buzzword, it is the way we do business.

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We focus on what really matters; Keeping your WordPress experience easy, fast, and secure with comprehensive WordPress Security.


  • Protected by PRESSARMOR
  • Backed by the Bulletproof security of
  • Managed Redundant Firewall Protection
  • Managed Redundant Web Application FireWalls
  • Managed Redundant DoS/DDoS Mitigation
  • Multi-level Intrusion Prevention and Detection
  • In House Malware prevention and remediation.
  • Custom WordPress specific firewall rules
  • Brute force login and comment spam prevention, system wide.
  • Automatic Nightly Backups
  • Automatic WordPress Core Upgrades
  • Automatic WordPress Plugin Upgrades
  • Latest generation secure cloud architecture started this whole trend of managed WordPress hosting many years ago and has been leading the way ever since in providing secure and trouble free WordPress Hosting.

The other guys...

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  • "...thousands of sites at different providers (GoDaddy, Dreamhost, HostGator, etc) got hacked..." Read it