Announcing Account Sub Users v1

Today we have a little news to announce. We have launched version 1 of the sub accounts feature. We have had this item on the backlog for sometime and we are happy to have pushed it live.

What is a Pagely Sub User?

Each Pagely customer has a primary user account they use to access our Atomic hosting panel to administer their account, billing, and subscription plans. A Sub User is an additional authorized user you grant access to.

What can a Sub User do?

In this early version, a sub user can do everything you can do with the notable exception: Sub Users Cannot change your primary account data, or delete your account.

Sub Users Can: Add or remove sites, reset sftp access on sites, access backups, update your payment method, etc.

So use with caution. Sub Users should be deleted from your account when their intended purpose is complete.

How do I create a Sub User?

In Version 1, Only Pagely staff can create the sub user account. Please file a ticket with our support system to request a Sub User account to be added to your primary account.


We will be adding more granular controls to the permission model in subsequent versions.


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