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Pagely and Managed WordPress – 10 years strong.

Ten years ago this month, we launched Pagely and kicked off what has grown into the $2-3 Billion dollar channel known commonly as Managed WordPress Hosting. At the time, people questioned the need for the services they now take for granted, and…
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Nine Years of Managed WordPress

A look back - and forward. We launched Pagely in August 2009. Now, nine years later, Managed WordPress Hosting is a multi-billion-dollar channel. I'm not sure even we saw that coming back then. The channel grew slowly at first, then quickly took…
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Put Your House in Order with CrazyEgg

Over the last few years, we've undergone a complete rebranding of the Pagely website. It was a total re-do of everything. Our primary goal was to not just improve the aesthetics of our site, but the sales performance of it as well.…
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Fresh updates to Pagely’s Atomic Beta

If you have been following along you'll know we have been busy here at Pagely crafting a new control panel for our customers. In the most recent release: A basic first pass at PressFormance analytics graphs are in. These will show you…
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PressCDN going all in with AWS CloudFront

As part of our continuing Epic 2018 Launch-A-Palooza where we are pushing out new features and products all year to improve our user experience and refresh the stack, PressCDN is being simplified and improved. Today we are happy to announce an improvement…
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