A birthday of sorts…

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Around this time in 2009 Sally and I made the decision to wipe the dust off a project we had started a few years prior. In 2006 We had created and launched a “website builder” tool based on WordPress. It setup WP sites for clients in an easy two minute process. Sound familiar?

Things were a little different back then in terms of online word-of-mouth marketing (pre-twitter/pre-facebook) and it was slow to get going. After about 30 customers or so we put it on ice and moved on to other things.

In April of 2009 Flare9 began to transform into page.ly with a new brand, and significant rewrite of the code base and re-launched for business in August of 09. So it is kind of a birthday of sorts as I think back to April 2009 when we made the decision to give this idea another go.

Here’s to sticking with it.

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