Pagely announces new must-have WordPress expansion feature.

Here at Pagely, we have been working with WordPress for a very long time, since v1.2 to be precise. Through all that time we have been mostly satisfied with WordPress and the capabilities it brings to web publishing.

A solution without a problem

WordPress is an amazing piece of software, however we have always felt like it was lacking something. It took us a while to put our finger on it but we finally came up with the solution we always felt like WordPress needed. If you want to add functionality to WordPress you install a plugin. If you want to make your site look great you choose from one of the many quality themes out there. But all of this takes time, browsing the thousands of options available just takes up valuable tweeting time that the busy social media expert just does not have. So we set out to solve this problem, and today we are proud to announce: Thugins.


Themes and Plugins hookup to give you: Thugins

We took the best parts of plugins, and the best parts of themes and mated them. Our scientists here at Pagely worked over the course of many minutes carefully selecting the desired traits from each, and then even more carefully, and very skillfully combined the code in a text editor window to produce the first of it’s kind Thugin. While the first iterations were temperamental and tended to break more sites than they helped, we eventually dialed in the formula to create the perfect blend of Themes and Plugins. That’s right! Save time and money by installing just a single Thugin to do the work of both.

Soon to be released Thugins:

  • Groo Forms: We took the best parts of the Woo framework (Woothemes) and combined it with the best Forms plugin (Gravity Forms) ever and created a special Thugin that makes your entire site a beautifully styled, multi page, ajax driven cascade if conditional logic inputs. Never has <form> looked so good. No blog, no special pages, no custom post types (besides 1 badass form), just sweet and undeniably sexy input fields as far as the eye can see. Collect all the info your heart desires with Groo Forms.
  • JetForest: We are exceptionally proud of this one. We take everything, and I mean everything Jetpack does and some things it doesn’t and created a mashup with the best selling themes from Themeforest. Think of it as russian roulette for WordPress. Enable one of the seemingly hundreds of jetpack features and your site inherits a design from one of the many bestselling and freshly GPL Themeforest themes. Enable another Jetpack feature, your site’s look and feel changes again! The combinations are endless. Depending on which combination of items within Jetpack you activate we feed that into a custom algorithm that chooses a look for your website from 1 of the thousands available on Themeforest. Just imagine the unique and amazing designs your site could have right now.

How can I buy a Thugin?

Thugins are still in beta. We hope to have them available for sale next year about this time at the introductory prices of $99.99.

But wait theres more! Introducing Plemes

You thought Thugins were awesome! Plemes will revolutionize the way you work with WordPress combining the best of Plugins and Themes, Available April 1st 2014.

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  1. I’m definitely going to be signing up for that when it’s available. Did a beautiful job with the site and I will purchase any software that you guys can make to create web content with.