Pagely is now 6yrs old.

Most companies do not make it past 3 years, even fewer 5. We have beaten the odds and are very happy to be celebrating our 6th birthday this month. Still revenue funded, still leading the field, still fighting above our weight class and slaying the mega-hosts.

Managed WordPress Hosting as a ‘thing’ is actually 9yrs old. Huh you ask? The prototype platform which eventually became Pagely, we actually created in 2006. Automatic WordPress installs/updates and backups were the first features then. 9yrs later most cannot imagine running a WordPress site without the performance, security, staging, and expert support a Managed WordPress platform provides.

A few company stats from over the last year:

  • Employee headcount has more than doubled, with full time staff now across 4 countries.
  • MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) has grown 152%
  • 55% of our revenue is derived from the VPS or higher hosting plans (Was 10% in Sept 2014)
  • Notable clients won this last year include: Disney, Condé Nast,, Zenefits,, Garmin, Univ. of Florida, PetSmart and so many more.
  • Raw # of sites hosted has grown 2x.
  • Currently we average 50 Billion monthly requests to our platform.

It’s has been an amazing year for us and thank you for joining us on our journey. Here is to bigger and better in the coming year.

We’re also 7.


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