Pagely management plugin now in full release.

We previewed our new hosting management plugin a while ago, and today we are happy to announce it is now available on all Pagely hosted sites. We started with a small beta group of customer’s and slowly rolled it out across the system over a number of weeks.

Tell me why it is awesome.


Okay, let’s review it. The primary screen currently shows the four active modules: News, Stats, Caching, and CDN. This screen has high level control’s to purge the page cache, or CDN cache independently of one another or combined. Also any important messages we need to share with our customer’s will be listed here as well.

PressCACHE™ Control


In this version 1 of the plugin we enabled 2 controls (in addition to the purge). A Dev Mode that tracks your current session and disable’s all caching just for you. Dev Mode also bypasses the CDN as well: a 2-for-1 control. Making it easy to test changes without having to purge the cache to see them. Secondly, you may disable all cache for all users (not recommended).

PressCDN™ Control


The CDN control page allows you to set important settings regarding your CDN like endpoints and a visual test to verify it is working. You’ll notice some of this CDN configuration interface looks similar to Frederick’s W3TC plugin. He did a nice job with his and we augmented with our specific needs.

screenshot2070Being able to override or exclude specific file types or directories is a much used feature.

Hosting Usage Stats


I can’t speak for everyone, but I for one love me some stats. We have embedded important stats for this hosted WordPress site right into the dashboard. You can view data on Bandwidth, Raw requests, and CDN usage. But also Database size, and Number of Users and Comments over time. This is helpful information to know if you have had a surge of spam comments or bogus user registrations.


What’s coming in version 2?

We have a short list of must-have’s that should be in there as modules and expansion to exist modules. We would love your feedback on what’s missing. What sort of data and control’s do you want to see on your hosted WordPress dashboard? Let us know in the comments below.


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