Put Your House in Order with CrazyEgg

Over the last few years, we’ve undergone a complete rebranding of the Pagely website. It was a total re-do of everything. Our primary goal was to not just improve the aesthetics of our site, but the sales performance of it as well. Get more people seeing the information we want them to see, and ultimately buying our service or engaging our sales team.

How do you know when a design is working?

Test and measure everything. We have used Optimizely for some time to test copy, placement, and other factors to drive engagement. One aspect of this process is knowing and understanding where the user’s mouse is on the page, whether they scroll down through your copy, which buttons are being clicked, and where. Optimizely lets you track that data but not very easily.

Enter CrazyEgg

I’ve known about CrazyEgg for some time however we just recently added it to our tool chest. CrazyEgg is a simple but powerful tool to create Heatmaps and other mouse tracking reports. This data allows you to see your site from your user’s point of view in some respects.

crazyegg heat map
This heatmap shows us what parts of the page are getting attention or clicks and which are not.

The nice thing about CrazyEgg is it works with Optimizely. We were testing two variants of the page with Optimizely and with a simple click both were imported as new snapshots into CrazyEgg.

crazyegg works with optimizely

To scroll or not to scroll?

I’ve heard from many people that “below the fold is dead,” or the other side “Let them scroll.” Perhaps on mobile, but at least our data shows that folks don’t scroll down as much as we would think.

crazyegg scroll map
The Green and Blue areas here are just below the fold of the page.

This Scrollmap shows us that fewer than 25% of users scroll down more than 600px’s. Perhaps time to rethink the layout a bit?

The biggest win with CrazyEgg is that it’s smart enough to distinguish multiple clicks to /signup. There are a few ways to to get there, and CrazyEgg maps those clicks to their specific button whereas solutions like Google Analytics just lump them all together.

We’ve Used CrazyEgg, and perhaps you should too.

The product is simple, which is why it works. It gives you deep and actionable data that you can use to increase engagement and conversions on your page. Most times the best products do one thing really well.

*This is an honest to goodness legit review. We are not affiliates or otherwise being monetarily compensated.

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