Reboot-Be-Gone with KernelCare & Pagely

Long gone are the days of reboots on Pagely servers due to security related kernel updates. Pagely has been working since the beginning of the year to get our servers upgraded to the latest technologies, including a partnership with KernelCare which allows us to provide rebootless upgrades to the Linux kernel running on all of our servers.

The Pagely & KernelCare Partnership Means:

Automated Updates

No Downtime

Further Prevents Security Incidents

No Reboots

Before adopting and working with KernelCare, Pagely customers may remember we would schedule reboots with them via email … meaning the time to patch sometimes took up to a week. Nowadays, our customers don’t need to receive notifications or scheduling of reboots because well, reboots are a thing of the past!

KernelCare’s services not only reduced the time to patch for security issues in the kernel, they took away all the hassle of dealing with scheduling or worrying about a looming reboot by allowing us to live-patch the running kernel on the server.

It’s safe to say this partnership has been a win-win situation for everyone involved. Our customers get the benefit of fast security patches without any risk of reboot related downtime and Pagely has a reputable source of reliable patches for our server’s kernels.

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