My Role: Michael M.

Michael M.

Title: InfoSec Engineer

Pagely has been a welcoming atmosphere to continue to grow my career and engage with the web hosting world. I began my journey in tech more than 9 years ago, and have been in Support, InfoSec, and Operational roles. WordPress is something I’ve always been familiar with, but I have learned so much more about it since starting at Pagely.

Pagely has shown me that even if mistakes are made, you learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them. Within the first two weeks, I had made a fatal error and forgot to make a database backup before a critical migration. My team was there to assist when things went wrong and we were able to correct the issues that arose. Due to my error, we now have “Mike’s Law”, which refers to always make a backup in light of the situation that had happened. Other team members have other “laws” as well. This opened my eyes to not think of your faults, but to make light of your experiences and to keep on going.

At Pagely, we are driven to give our users a smooth experience and we achieve this by having an amazing team dedicated to helping everyones needs. From handling site migrations, updating WordPress core/plugins, or just ensuring that your site is performing well, our crew is dedicated and we get the job done. This is a great attitude and environment to be in. This is what I signed up for when I joined the Pagely support team. It has been a blast so far and I forsee a great road ahead.

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