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WordPress Performance & Digging into PHP

Traffic surges and overall growth are an indicator of business success. A big splash of attention resulting in lots of people coming to your site means you've done something right, but you've also got a lot on the line. You want to…
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9 Advanced Uses for Gravity Forms in WordPress

Regardless of what kind of website you run, forms can be very useful. They’re a simple and efficient way to build your email subscriber list, collect user feedback, enable customers to get in touch, and more. The first step to using them…
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Expectations From Customer Support In Today’s Top Brands

For many brands, the concept of customer support has been a comforting constant over the last several decades of broad, dynamic changes in the marketplace. But now technology is rapidly changing customer support expectations, and today's brands have to transform their support…
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How to Develop a Business Continuity Plan

The unpredictable and varied nature of modern disasters -- whether they're hurricanes, cyberattacks, or wildfires -- can make planning for business continuity a challenge. Disaster can strike anytime, anywhere. Your plans become even more important as the world grows ever-less predictable. Because…
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How to Prepare a WordPress Site for Your Vacation

It's winter time, and for most of us that means we want to escape. Maybe you booked a trip somewhere warm, or maybe you're too nervous to leave work behind, so year after year you just stay local and burn out. Either…
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A Guide to Using Lead Magnets

Having a solid business model and offering isn't always enough to convert visitors on their first, second, or even third visit to your website. But how do you ensure that a visitor will return to your site and go from being a…
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