Scale WordPress with Pagely®

Now that we’re powered by Amazon, we allow you to scale internally from a tiny personal plan all the way up to full blown enterprise. This means that unlike some other hosting providers, you’ll literally never outgrow us. In fact, we can scale you smoothly along the way, with the ability to easily upgrade your plan on the fly from Personal>Business>Professional>Ultimate. Outgrow our highest standard shared hosting? Simply jump into our entry level VPS (VPS-1) which starts at $399/mo.

You can also scale up through our VPS plans, from VPS-1>VPS-2>VPS-3, with the latter being a load balanced pair of VPS-1 units. Need even more horsepower? Where other hosts struggle, we triumph. Easily jump into our Enterprise plans starting with Enterprise-1 and heading up through the ranks to Enterprise-2 and Enterprise-3. Are you crushing it like Twitter? No worries, with Amazon’s infrastructure behind us, we can create a custom plans based on your level of traffic, storage, and more importantly, the type of traffic you have.

What do I mean by type of traffic? Well, when you get to scale, different types of sites require different types of setups. For example, if you’re running a heavily-trafficked blog similar to TechCrunch, you’ll want a setup that focuses on caching and use of our PressCDN™. On the other hand, if your site’s database is getting pounded (eCommerce, social network, et al) then we’ll do an analysis and set you up with a configuration focused on handling that with ease. That could mean a small cluster with one or more nodes dedicated exclusively to MySQL.

In conclusion, no matter where you’re starting at, our new infrastructure works for you now and in the future. Focus on your business. Let us focus on the security, caching, speed tuning, updates, and support. We make you love WordPress, and we don’t have a ceiling.

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