How Does Your Support Work?

This post is the eighth in a series called “Pagely Answers”, which seeks to provide in-depth answers to questions that are hard to handle with a simple FAQ.

Here at Pagely, we offer two levels of support. We have one level of support for shared hosting customers, and that includes those on our Business thru Ultimate plans. Support for those plans is handled via our ZenDesk ticket system, and you can open a ticket 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For our VPS and Enterprise customers, you get the same 24 x 7 ticket support but with some added bonuses. You get priority on your tickets, which means they get funneled to the top of the pile when you submit them. It’s only fair, as you’re paying more. In addition, you get live chat support between 9am and 5pm mountain standard time, which you can use for onboarding as well as emergencies. The chat is handled via a private HipChat room that only you and our team can access. Anything non-urgent should be submitted via support ticket, such as having us install an SSL certificate among other things. On a side note, we install SSL certificates for free that you purchase elsewhere at a place like Comodo, since we do not sell them here.

Our support staff is located in multiple states in the U.S. as well as a team in England that handles overnight and weekends.

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  1. You guys have fantastic support I must admit i am looking forward to 24/7 phone or chat support for VPS and up.
    Don’t get me wrong you guys have excellent 24/7 I will be very happy when it is phone or chat as well.