The WordPress Help Desk we have been waiting for.

Today Zendesk announced their new WordPress integration plugin. We got an early sneak peek at the plugin a few days ago and took it for a spin.

What is Zendesk?
Zendesk is a help desk service that allows you to manage support tickets. Here at we use Zendesk exclusively for our customer support.

Show me the plugin.
We took the plugin for a spin last week and we are real impressed with it. One handy feature is a list view of your zendesk tickets available from the WordPress Dash.

There are also methods built into the options screen to customize the role permissions (who sees the dashboard widget), embed the Zendesk dropbox code, and a built in contact form to submit new tickets.


What’s awesome about it?
I think the best feature about this new plugin is the account management. The Zendesk plugin works with existing WordPress user accounts and roles to sync your WordPress users with your Zendesk. This prevents helpdesk users and account managers having to maintain separate accounts. Sweet. Turning blog comments into tickets is a sweet feature as well.

Get the plugin from the WP repo here. Read up on the Plugin at Zendesk.

Bottom Line.
The Zendesk for WordPress plugin is a great tool to integrate a robust help desk system into the WordPress workflow. With this integration, WordPress users can easily respond to their reader’s comments and ensure that they are providing top-notch support to their current, and potential, customers. We recommend this integration to any WordPress user that is looking for an easy to use, yet full featured customer support solution.

We are Zendesk customers and we like this plugin.

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  1. Do you have any plans to integrate it into HCS? Would be nice to be able to browse the past and answer current support request right from the support tab.