WPBeginner: A Place to Find Basic Tips & Tutorials for WordPress

Today it’s time to turn our attention to another indispensable resource for WordPress users. This is a site that is packed full of tips and tutorials covering how to get the most out of everybody’s favorite online publishing platform.

This WordPress blog has an enviable posting schedule with new content published multiple times per week, covering a range of categories including tips and tricks, news, reviews, tutorials, guides, and much more. The site in question is of course WPBeginner, one of the most well-read WordPress blogs in existence today.

Despite the obvious popularity of this website within the WordPress community, it’s still worth highlighting WPBeginner for anyone who isn’t familiar with the site, as well as for those who want to know more about the team behind it and some of the other projects they are involved with.

Who is Behind the Site

The WPBeginner blog was founded in 2009 by Syed Balkhi, who has an interesting background that you can read about over at his blog. However, to cut a long story short, he has been in involved in the internet in one way or another since his school days, before moving on to designing sites for clients.

It wasn’t long before he was introduced to WordPress, and soon after using the platform for his client’s websites, the WPBeginner resource was born. The team has grown since the site’s inception to include an editorial team, plus a growing collective of contributors who help the site publish content to assist WordPress users on an ongoing basis.

Topics from WPBeginner

With such a high frequency posting schedule dating back to 2009, there are countless posts to choose from when it comes to selecting some highlights from the WPBeginner archives. With so many quality posts to choose from its not easy making a shortlist, however, here are some topics that they have covered in the past:

With so many great posts on the site, the team has even added a button to send you to a random post in order to help you learn something new.

Other Projects and Services

As well as publishing tips and advice for WordPress users, with a strong slant towards helping those new to the platform, Syed and the WPBeginner team are involved in a number of other projects. The most notable in recent times has been the OptinMonster newsletter signup form plugin, which the team used to increase their email subscribers by 600%.

Via the WPBeginner site, users can hire the team to create custom WordPress designs or to deliver training and consulting for anyone who needs assistance with making decisions related to WordPress usage, either in-person or through the web.

Syed has also recently purchased the ThemeLab WordPress theme store in a bid to make it the go to place for anyone looking for beginner friendly themes that work right out of the box. Syed and his team have revamped the store’s site to help bring it in line with the WPBeginner ethos of making WordPress and its associated products as user friendly as possible.


If you are new to WordPress or just want a regular stream of tips, tutorials, and guides, then WPBeginner should be your first port of call. The team even offer a free WordPress blog setup service for those yet to get started with this platform; so if you have any friends that are long overdue an introduction to WordPress, why not send them over to WPBeginner?

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  1. WPBeginner is probably the best place a newbie would visit for learning blogging and how to use WordPress from scratch. I’m just a big fan!