Get Inspired: The 22 Best Entrepreneurial Podcasts for Agency Owners

I used to hate commuting but now I’ll take any excuse to travel. Why? Because I’m addicted to podcasts. Whether I’m picking up groceries at the supermarket or taking a long-haul flight, you’ll find headphones glued to my ears and a podcast playing on my phone.

Podcasts are addictive. But not just any podcasts. Specifically, the ones listed below (and also Radiolab and This American Life. Radio gold, I tell you!). There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t share a piece of gold that I’ve heard on an entrepreneurial podcast with friends who also run businesses.

This collection brings together the podcasts I have on high rotation. Each podcast offers a great mix of practical business information, inspiring stories, and marketing know-how from the best entrepreneurial minds. No matter your niche, you’ll find a podcast here to help you up your game.

Note: These podcasts are listed in no particular order.

1. How I Built This with Guy Raz

How I Built This podcast

This is my go-to podcast when I’m having a frustrating day and need a quick shot of inspiration. This is a podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built. Each episode is a narrative journey marked by triumphs, failures and insight, as told by the founds of some of the world’s best known companies, with recent episode about Ben and Jerry’s, Instagram, Chipotle, Burton Snowboards and Bumble. What I love about Guy Raz’s interviewing technique is that he doesn’t hold back. He asks the uncomfortable, personal questions that other interviewees might gloss over, and doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to questions about strategy, mindset and marketing.

Must listen: Stonyfield Yogurt: Gary Hirshberg. If there’s one episode that sticks in my mind it’s about Stonyfield Yoghurt. If you want to know what it takes to build a successful business (and lose everything multiple times over while trying), listen to this.

2. Mixergy


Mixergy is another favorite that consistently offers top-notch insights thanks to the caliber of its interviewees — Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg, Reddit’s Steve Huffman and Squidoo’s Seth Godin, just to name a few. In his 20s, host Andrew Warner built his $30+ million a year internet business using credit cards and ingenuity. Wanting to help other ambitious upstarts learn from entrepreneurs, Warner created Mixergy. There are now more than 1500 interviews with founders and business leaders who tell their stories. The production values are high and the questions are in-depth — sometimes delving into financials — leaving you satisfied and wanting more.

Must listen: How Clever Entrepreneurs Turned 3 Air Mattresses Into Airbnb, The Site That Makes Any Home A Bed And Breakfast. If you’re anything like me, Airbnb is your first stop when booking a holiday. This interview delves into how Airbnb’s founders turned desperation into creative and often quirky solutions on their way to building their hugely profitable site.

3. Proposify

Proposify Biz Chat

Proposify is a relatively new podcast but one that has quickly become a favorite of mine thanks to the practical business advice it offers and Kyle Racki’s upbeat and easy going interview style. Each week Racki talks with entrepreneurs, founders and business adventurers about how they’re switching things up, figuring things out, and making their businesses grow. The episodes mostly focus on sales, marketing, growth, agencies and innovation and deliver value every time — I always walk away with a bunch of action items to implement in my own business.

Must listen: How to Run Your Marketing Team Like a Product Team. Marketing should be at the core of every business. This episode explores knowing your “North Star Metric” and the most efficient way to finish multiple marketing projects within a short deadline.

4. The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferris Show

Known for his “4-hour” self-help books, angel investor and best-selling author Tim Ferris has become somewhat of a god among entrepreneurs. His podcast was the first business/interview podcast to surpass 100 million downloads and is hugely popular thanks to its fun and light-hearted approach, not to mention the guests he gets on his show — Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Robbins and Peter Thiel, to name a few. Each episode breaks down what makes high achievers so great at what they do, from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s meditation tips to Matt Mullenweg’s favorite productivity tools.

Must listen: How Facebook’s #30 Employee Quickly Built 4 Businesses and Gained 40 Pounds with Weight Training. What I love about this episode is that it’s like listening to two nerdy millionaires geeking out. Noah Kagan was #30 at Facebook and while he was subsequently fired, he has been involved in several hugely successful startups.

5. Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income

A self-described “crash test dummy of online business”, Pat Flynn is known for building his fortune almost entirely through passive income channels. Since being laid off in 2008, he has launched and grown several businesses and uses his podcast to help other entrepreneurs learn from his successes and failures. His podcast is packed full of strategies and plans that anyone can implement in real life so you can sit back and watch the cash flow.

Must listen: SPI 092: The Psychology of Selling and How to Price Your Products with Ramit Sethi. In this episode, Ramit Sethi shares what was going through his head and what he had to overcome to go from timidly selling a $4.95 eBook to confidently selling courses for $12,000.

6. Entrepreneurs On Fire

Entrepreneurs On Fire

Entrepreneurs On Fire is an award-winning podcast that is recorded 7-days a week. Host John Lee Dumas has interviewed over 1800 successful entrepreneurs who share their stories, including their failures and “aha!” moments. What I love about this podcast is that every episode is different from the last, ranging from informative and funny to shocking and downright awe-inspiring.

Must listen: 1862: Get Rich Or Die Trying With Mitch Miller. This episode contains everything you could possibly want in a podcast: sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Oh, and huge highs, low lows, and a pretty awesome “aha!” moment.

7. The Unconventional Life Show with Jules Schroeder

Unconventional Life

The Unconventional Life Show profiles the success of Millennial entrepreneurs, artists, creatives and thought leaders who are redefining success on their own terms and making money from what they are most passionate about. Each episode focuses on how the subject is making change in their niche and is well-worth listening to if you’re looking for a podcast that takes a very personal look at success.

Must listen: Ep:111 How To Travel The World For Free With Instagram. Zach Benson has created a travel network of over 12 million Instagram followers, which he leverages to travel the world for free. In this episode, he shares his tips for growing your following and using it for travel perks.

8. The Marie Forleo Podcast

Marie Forleo

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I can’t get enough of Marie Forleo. OK, I’m cheating a bit here by including this vlog, but watch one episode and you’ll see why her award-winning show MarieTV is so damn popular. With hundreds of episodes available, her shows will motivate you with their wit and wisdom. Marie’s unwavering determination and positivity is infectious and fun, if a little dorky. Each episode is packed with actionable takeaways to help you achieve meaningful results.

Must listen: Daymond John on Why You Need to Keep a “Broke” Mindset in Business. If you ever feel like having a bit more money (or connections, advantages etc) could help you really get your business going, then this is the episode for you. Daymond John shares why having little to no resources could actually be your greatest competitive advantage as an entrepreneur.

9. Millionaire Interviews

Millionaire Interviews

The aptly named Millionaire Interviews podcast features interviews with millionaires who share their life experiences, business lessons they’ve learned, and how they turned their ideas into success. What I like about this podcast is the actionable advice, with takeaways for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners. Host Austin Peek talks to people from all kinds of fields, from founders who’ve created products or services to real estate and tech.

Must listen: 012: Reinventing the Stand Out Entrepreneurial in You by Dorie Clark. Dorie Clark shares her inspirational story — growing up in small-town America, working as a journalist, non-profit executive directory and now marketing strategy consultant. There are so many takeaways from this episode. I could listen to Dorie all day.

10. The Side Hustle Show

The Side Hustle Show

Nick Loper believes in the hustle and wants you to, too. This podcast is aimed at anyone who wants successfully start a side hustle and earn more money, pay off debt, learn new skills, use free time more productively, or simply escape the rat race. Ultimately, this podcast is about attaining financial freedom. Each week, Loper talks to successful entrepreneurs who share their actionable tips and business strategies, guaranteeing you’ll walk away with business ideas for side hustle opportunities.

Must listen: 254: Freelance to Freedom: From $30k a Year to $30k in a Day. Award-winning photojournalist Vincent Pugliese was 6-figures in debt and earning just $15 an hour in his mid-30s. In just four years, his family was debt-free thanks to the success of his freelance photography side hustle. Pugliese’s story is inspiring, not to mention relatable.

11. Eventual Millionaire

Eventual Millionaire

Jaime Master is a self-described “eventual millionaire” who know she’ll make a million dollars one day but hasn’t quite got there yet. In her quest to reach seven figures she has interviewed over 350+ millionaires and billionaires who share their stories, tactics and advice for growing personal wealth. Each interview is a case study in how to become a millionaire and is based around one person who has “made it” and how they got to where they are today. It’s an inspiring podcast designed to equip you with the knowledge to make your first million.

Must listen: How To Build Your Empire With Stacy Tuschl. If you’re ready to start hiring, then this podcast is for you. It covers the “parking lot” system to know when you need to hire, how to find and hire a great high-level manager to free yourself from tasks you don’t like to do, and how to weed out applicants who aren’t a good fit.

12. Beyond the To-Do List

Beyond the To-Do List

If you’re looking for more than inspirational stories, then Beyond the To-Do List is worth checking out. This podcast is all about productivity and strategy, how to take what you’re already doing and do it better, and how to achieve balance in your life. One of the great things about this show is how it’s not just high achievers telling you how to be better — it’s about how people worked through failure in key areas of productivity and eventually overcame their struggles.

Must listen: Focus and Energy: Erik Fisher on Recalibrating Morning and Evening Routines — BTTDL176. Erik Fisher shares his insight into recalibrating your morning and evening routines and technology boundaries in to help you focus and create deep work sessions.

13. Noah Kagan Presents

Noah Kagan Presents

Quick and punchy, this show is a ton of fun to listen to. It’s packed full of tips, strategies to start and grow your business, improve your productivity, and live a happier and more successful life. Noah Kagan talks to top performers across many industries, including many who’ve never shared their advice publicly before.

Must listen: How to Create a Successful SaaS Business: Lessons from Building a WebinarNinja. This episode is for anyone looking to start a SaaS business or already runs one. From nothing, Omar Zenhom bootstrapped his company into a successful business, overcoming roadblocks and validating his idea for dirt cheap.

14. Actionable Marketing Podcast

Actionable Marketing Podcast

The Actionable Marketing Podcast is CoSchedule’s entry into the podcasting world. In each episode of this weekly podcast, marketing experts share their knowledge and insights into branding, social media, email, SEO and more. You’re guaranteed to walk away from each episode with new knowledge and actionable tips you can start applying to your business right away.

Must listen: AMP061: How Use Neuromarketing To Connect With Your Audience. What triggers your readers to buy? How can you write better calls to action and get more conversions? This fascinating episode explores these questions using neuromarketing.

15. 1 Day Business Breakthrough

1 Day Business Breakthrough

This fun podcast is like brainstorming on steroids. Each episode focuses on a single entrepreneur’s biggest business problem. The hosts, Pat Flynn (of Smart Passive Income fame) and Chris Ducker, then dissect the entrepreneur’s struggles and offer their thoughts on how to break through and move forward. I love this podcast’s tagline: “No One Has a Monopoly On Good Ideas. Discover Yours Today”. It’s a great podcast to listen to when you need a pick-me-up and you’ll be thinking about how to grow your own business long after you’ve finished listening to an episode.

Must listen: S3 E6 – The One Where We Talk About TIME (and Getting More of It!). Don’t we all just want more time? In this episode, the guys talk about productivity hacks they’ve incorporated into their day-to-day work.

16. StartUp Podcast

Startup Podcast

This podcast explores what it’s really like to get a business up and running. Unlike other podcasts on this list, it doesn’t follow an interview format or a chat between co-hosts. Rather, it follows more of a star, like Radiolab, for example. What’s great about this particular podcast is two things: 1, the storytelling/investigative format is a breath of fresh air in business podcast space where it’s usually about guys just talking at you, and 2, the mix of personal and professional experience is hugely inspiring for struggling entrepreneurs.

Must listen: #1 How Not to Pitch a Billionaire. Business reporter and host Alex Blumberg details how he botched his pitch to a Silicon Valley billionaire. It’s a great, honest story.

17. The Foundr Podcast

Foundr Podcast

Billed as “not your average entrepreneurship podcast”, The Foundr Podcast is hosted by young Australian entrepreneur Nathan Chan who has turned his digital magazine, Foundr, it’s a six-figure business. He has interviewed some of the biggest names in business, including Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson and Michelle Phan. What I like about this podcast is Nathan’s down-to-earth ease and passion for all things business.

Must listen: 52: $20m in Sales in 1 Year Using Instagram? — The Frank Body Story. If you’re new to using Instagram to market your business, you need to listen to this.

18. Unemployable: Advice for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs


Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger, hosts Unemployable, a podcast about entrepreneurial life. In this weekly podcast, Clark draws on his own 18-year evolution from solo to CEO, providing advice, encouragement and actionable strategies for ambitious freelancers and entrepreneurs. I gotta agree with this testimonial on the Unemployable site: “Brian Clark knows first-hand what it takes to succeed in business today, and he shares that knowledge with a spirit of generosity.”

Must listen: When to Shift Your Side Hustle Into Your Main Thing. Going full-time with a side hustle takes a serious leap of faith. In this episode, Nathan Barry details how he took a chance on ConvertKit.

19. Being Boss

Being Boss

Being Boss is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs who find other business podcasts a bit stuffy. Hosts Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon share their personal and business stories, advice, dreams and interviews about taking control of your work life. This podcast is packed with “you got this” and “let’s get real” moments. Guests share their entrepreneurial experiences, what’s worked for them and what they’ve still making up along the way.

Must listen: Podcast Episode #47 // You Need a Budget with Jesse Mecham. This episode gets real about budgeting. Jesse Mecham from shares the emotional aspect of money, and how to create awareness around your bank account.

20. This Week in Startups

This Week in Startups

This Week in Startups has been described as “practically the front page of entrepreneurial news”, which is a fair description — this podcast definitely has its finger on the pulse of the tech industry. Each week there’s a guest entrepreneur who talks about what’s happening right now in tech. There’s a great mix of current events, company profiles and even some insider gossip.

Must listen: The latest episode. Since this podcast features up-to-date news, it’s best you check out the latest episode for the up-to-date news on what’s happening in tech.

21. The Full Ratchet

The Full Ratchet

The Full Ratchet focuses on demystifying venture capital. When host Nick Moran started angel investing in 2013, he found the startup fundraising and investing process confusing. In his words, “The industry was a black-box with land mines everywhere.” So after a year of chats over coffee with VCs and Angels, he launched his podcast to answer questions like “What is an Angel?”

Must listen: Investor Stories 69: Exceptional Founders (Olsen, Acunzo, Collett). On this episode, Chris Olsen, Jay Acunzo, Mike Collett and describe an outstanding entrepreneur they’ve worked with and what key traits and behaviors make for the best startup leaders.

22. The Growth Show

Each week, hosts Kipp Bodnar and M. Keaney Anderson talk with someone who has achieved remarkable growth — or has tried to — and comb over how they did it. This podcast is a great one for uncovering interesting stories, business advice

Must listen: How Box’s Chief Storyteller Bridges the Sales/Marketing Divide: Live at INBOUND16. In this inspirational live episode, Doug Landis from Box shares why having a compelling story to tell is important for all businesses.

Bonus: The Matt Report

A must-listen for anyone using WordPress in their business, hosted by our very own Matt Medeiros.

Must listen: Moving Your Business Up Channel with Joshua Strebel of Pagely.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, practical business advice, or just an excuse to get away from your desk and get outside for a walk, this collection of podcasts will help put you in the right mindset for entrepreneurial success.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to these podcasts and find out what you’ve been missing.

What are some of your favorite business and entrepreneurial podcasts? Share your links in the comments below.

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