Pagely’s Lizzie Kardon Interviewed by NBC on the TODAY Show

Today I went on national television to represent over 500 women in tech because it’s time to close the pay gap and start paying people what they’re worth.

The tech industry has long been dominated by men, with only 25% of the workforce being made up of women. Yes, this isn’t a new conversation.

Women make up only 25% of the tech industry workforce.   

I am, however, joining this conversation now as a proud member of Team Pagely, a marketer, and an advocate for working mothers and women. I’m using a platform I am blessed to have access to, to reach you here and use my voice to make positive change in an industry that desperately needs it.

NBC reached out to me about a segment on women sharing salary info, after a viral New York Times piece circulated online. A project I put together caught their attention; the Women in Tech Salary Transparency Project, so they asked me to talk with them about it on the TODAY Show. This morning that segment aired to millions of viewers.

Watch it here.

Maybe it’s the fresh air of a new decade or the fact that I’m sick of hearing how my female peers are underpaid, but my Salary Transparency project came to life to illuminate the pay gap we’re still seeing in 2020 as women in tech. This crowdsourced data highlights the salaries, benefits, experience level, and location of over 500 women from across the world.

Over $5M in annual salary revenue is missing here, because of gender inequality.

By the numbers, with women making as low as .90 to every $1 for men, the 500 women in this project account for over $5M in missing annual salary revenue. Multiply that by the hundreds of thousands of people that work in tech? That’s a huge chunk of our economy.

My hope with this project is that women can use this information to support themselves in salary negotiations and better understand their monetary worth when it comes to the work they’re doing every day.

View the Women in Tech 2020 Salary Transparency Project 

Diversity in tech shouldn’t be something we’re scared to talk about, it should be celebrated. My hope is that this project and national coverage by NBC can help get us a little bit closer.

Gender plays no part in how much I (or anyone else) get paid to do my job at Pagely…. and we’re hiring.


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