Introducing PULSAR™: Apex Hosting for Sophisticated WordPress Sites

Pagely is proud to introduce a new class in the managed WordPress hosting space: PULSAR

PULSAR is specifically designed for the most powerful sites in the WordPress ecosystem, exceeding the needs of high-traffic properties like Disney, VISA and Comcast.

Key PULSAR Features Include:

  • Custom High-Availability Production AWS Cluster
  • Post-Deploy Code Review
  • Dedicated Aurora RDS Database Pair
  • Quarterly Performance Audit
  • Total Network Isolation
  • One (1) Hour Guaranteed Support Response 24/7-365

This new tier of WP hosting coincides with the removal of our smallest plan, the Neutrino ($99). Removing this plan represents a substantial shift in our hosting offerings, allowing us to focus on more large-scale solutions.

PULSAR provides us the opportunity to serve our ideal customer: the largest brands using WordPress today. As Pagely CEO Joshua Strebel explains: “We’ve found that the style of company we have and the service we wish to provide aligns most with that specific customer type.”

Developing PULSAR also helps us meet the unique needs of our clients in ways that other hosting services cannot.

“People come to us with complex scaling, deployment, and security challenges which were deemed unsolvable at other providers – we thrive on providing workable solutions,” adds Strebel.

Companies who want to use WordPress at the highest level have two primary hosting options: Pagely PULSAR and VIP. To better understand the differences between these offerings — and how each can best meet various hosting needs — refer to this Pagely vs. WordPress VIP hosting guide to help you make an informed choice.

PULSAR pricing starts at $20,000/mo, and interested companies are encouraged to apply here.

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