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We’ve Added New Features to Atomic!

We’re excited to announce that our development team has several new Atomic features that they’ve been working so hard on! Without further ado, let’s take a look at what we’ve rolled out in the newest version of the Atomic control panel. Simple…
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Nine Years of Managed WordPress

A look back - and forward. We launched Pagely in August 2009. Now, nine years later, Managed WordPress Hosting is a multi-billion-dollar channel. I'm not sure even we saw that coming back then. The channel grew slowly at first, then quickly took…
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The 2018 Pagely Scholarship Recipients

At Pagely, we strongly believe in higher education as a vehicle to improve and enrich individual lives, as well as our shared communities. To that end, we created the Pagely Scholarship earlier this year to reward the students that inspire us with…
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Introducing PressThumb at Pagely

PressThumb has been an off the menu speciality item for the past year or so, and in that time we've put it to the test for the whole range of use cases and scale. From a convenient and free add-on to your…
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Fresh updates to Pagely’s Atomic Beta

If you have been following along you'll know we have been busy here at Pagely crafting a new control panel for our customers. In the most recent release: A basic first pass at PressFormance analytics graphs are in. These will show you…
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Pagely Launches Keith AI: The WordPress Answering Machine

While the Pagely team usually avoids jumping on trends just for the sake of staying trendy, we're throwing caution to the wind and going all in on AI (Artificial Intelligence.) Side note: This choice beat out several other ideas, including a WordPress…
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Reboot-Be-Gone with KernelCare & Pagely

Long gone are the days of reboots on Pagely servers due to security related kernel updates. Pagely has been working since the beginning of the year to get our servers upgraded to the latest technologies, including a partnership with KernelCare which allows…
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