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10 Beautiful WordPress Business Themes for 2018

When it comes to building or updating your WordPress website in 2018, there are certain questions you absolutely need to answer. For example: Is your website going to have a modern look that's elegant and beautiful? Is your current or proposed WordPress…
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How to Make Your WordPress Website Multilingual

When it comes to making your WordPress website multilingual, you have a few great options available to you. While there is no standard support for bi- or multilingual blogging, some free and commercial plugins make it easy to offer your readers a…
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3 Alternatives to Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics is a free and powerful go-to solution for monitoring your website and tracking important activity. However, it would be shortsighted to discount the other solutions that exist for collating your data. Keeping tabs on your website traffic is possible with…
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8 Of The Best Social Media Plugins For Your WordPress Site

Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress Did you know that more than a quarter of the world's population is using Facebook? That's, well...a lot of people on social media. And though Facebook may be the biggest social network, it's still just one…
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How to Build a WordPress Website with the Genesis Framework

Choosing the right platform for a large-scale company can make or break the success of your website. The wrong choice can cost you time, resources, and sales when it doesn't perform as expected. WordPress is an enterprise-ready platform, as evidenced by its…
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BOO! WordPress Themes to Gawk At

Never thought WordPress could be spooky enough to merit a Halloween reference? BOO. We found the spookiest, scariest, creepiest WordPress themes you'll come across. Just kidding. But we did find some of the most unusual (read: extremely niche) options out there, for…
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