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The Art of Capturing and Utilizing Net Promoter Score Data

Introduced in 2003 by management consulting firm Bain & Company, NPS stands for Net Promoter Score -- a method for measuring the loyalty of each individual customer and gathering valuable feedback. If you are struggling to find a simple method for measuring…
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Bulletproof: Configuring Your Site For Zero Downtime

The lights may be out, but that shouldn't mean no one is home. Website downtime can be truly frustrating for both your business and customers. It can break a line of communication, leave both parties in the dark and has the potential…
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Popular A/B Testing Tools for WordPress

Chances are, your website has a clearly defined objective -- attracting new customers, selling a service or maybe growing your email list. If that's the case, it makes sense that you'd want to achieve the best results possible, right? What if someone…
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Retargeting 101: An Introduction to Retargeting Basics

Attracting new visitors to your website is never an easy process. Whether you're creating and promoting content in search or running paid ad campaigns for qualified leads -- it's a lot of work. It only makes sense that when a visitor lands…
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Landing Page Tools Comparison for WordPress Users

If you're selling a product or service, landing pages should play a key role in your online strategy -- there is really no better way to attract leads or effectively convey your offer. A typical landing page has a conversion rate of…
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