Slack Channel Usage Policy

Last Updated April 11, 2022

Pagely prides itself in delivering exceptional service to each and every customer. Sometimes, we’ll even provide access to a private Slack channel for low latency, collaborative assistance during onboarding, for a specific project, or website launch. This is unparalleled in our industry and speaks to our level of commitment to you.

As you can imagine, this approach can be difficult to scale when guest channels are unregulated and can disrupt our normal support channels. The spirit of our courtesy Slack channel is to help you get your project underway, coordinate during those moments where a ticket or our regular live chat just doesn’t cut it, and to be able to do so in a group context. Eventually, the channel must be archived.

This document outlines our policy for usage of Pagely’s Guest Slack channels. We appreciate your understanding and adherence to these guidelines.

Channel Persistence

All Slack guest channels have a default shelf life of thirty (30) days. If your project, website launch, or any other originating reason for the channel requires more time than that, you may request an extension by contacting us.

If you would like to keep your Slack channel on an ongoing basis with no set time limit, please open a new support ticket as the account owner to discuss the available options. We understand that some cases warrant a persistent channel so we are willing to work with you in a way that will make this a manageable long term solution.

Guest Limit

There’s a limit of three (3) guests. You may request the guests to be changed, but it cannot exceed a total of 3.

Personal Information

Do not include any personal information, including but not limited to credit card information, in Pagely’s Guest Slack channel. Any personal information inadvertently processed via Slack will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Hours of Operation

  • Our Slack hours are 9AM-5PM MST Monday through Friday.
  • Note: We provide 24/7 continuous support via support ticket for all customers for all issues.

While at times you may get a response outside of these hours via Slack, we request that you use our support ticket system. We will make sure to follow up with you as soon as possible!

Topics Start With Tickets

The Slack channel is not a front door to our Support and Engineering teams, its purpose is to make communication more efficient regarding an existing support ticket.

By default, we request that you use our normal support ticketing and live chat system (tickets are generated from all live chats) found within If you have team members that need access to this live chat system, our brand new Collaborator Management feature is the perfect way to get them added to Atomic with the appropriate level of access. Once you’re in, you can file tickets to gain assistance from our 24/7 Support Team. If a particular ticket warrants a discussion over Slack, we’re happy to work with you over that channel during our normal hours