sees a ton of traffic - and plenty of security risks. They started with VIP to improve security with less downtime, but VIP’s custom framework meant AllHipHop needed to retain an enterprise-level developer. They moved their hosting to Pagely, where they found equality between security, stability and flexibility, with significant cost savings.

AllHipHop and sub-brand are the Internet’s best sources for hip-hop news, reviews, interviews, and videos. AllHipHop has been keeping hip-hop lovers up to date with daily alerts via pagers, cell phones, and email since 1998.

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Pagely offers brands that are seeking to grow a really great solution that’s secure, affordable, and comes with superior customer support.

Greg Watkins

The Challenges

At the time we moved to VIP in 2012, we were primarily looking for a solution that would ensure security; we were constantly being targeted. We were also experiencing high user volume and needed to be hosted where we knew we wouldn’t go down.

VIP delivered on both but came with its own set of challenges. They’re built on a custom framework, so if you want to make any meaningful changes to your installation it becomes necessary to have an enterprise-level developer on staff.

VIP also enforces a code quarantine as part of their security business model. It’s not necessarily a bad thing: it ensures no malicious scripts can slip through. But how long your code stays in quarantine is dictated by how much you pay; if you have a lower tier package, you can wait fifteen hours or more for your code to pass through.

We knew we needed to move to a host that would offer us more flexibility, while maintaining the same enterprise-level of security for a brand of our scale. More importantly, we needed a hosting solution that gave us room to grow.

The Solution

Pagely handled the entirety of the export/import of our site, a process that is particularly tricky when coming from VIP due to their custom functions. Once we were live, I immediately felt that Pagely was exceeding my expectations.

The most immediate & obvious change was in price– switching to Pagely cut our hosting costs by about 70%. In most instances where you’re seeing that amount of savings, there are things you sacrifice to reduce your costs. We haven’t experienced that at all with Pagely. In fact, it’s been the opposite.

Pagely’s team has been extremely responsive to all of my support requests, seamlessly handled the import of over a thousand posts, and did so within the marginal launch window they originally specified. We’ve relaunched our site multiple times in our 20-year history, and this one I can honestly say was the easiest, especially considering the amount of data we have accumulated in that time. With a site that’s been around as long as ours, there would be a lot of risks if things didn’t go right. Luckily, we had nothing to worry about.

As somebody who’s been in the business for 20 years, I’ve seen every iteration of a server stack, from the physical servers, to different setups in the cloud, to the enterprise solutions like VIP. Pagely offers brands that are seeking to grow a really great solution that’s secure, affordable, and comes with superior customer support.

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