BMC needed a solution that could accommodate more sophisticated requirements than their previous provider, WPengine. They were producing great content that was driving traffic to their site but wanted to maximize their blog’s SEO by using a reverse proxy.


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As long as we have WordPress sites at BMC, we will continue to use Pagely.

Steven Watts

The Challenges

BMC’s blog has been on WordPress since the beginning and BMC used WPengine to host it for a number of years. When they decided to ramp up their content strategy, they found their blog needed to be run as a reverse proxy in order to ensure it would get the full weight of their primary domain’s SEO. Unfortunately, WPengine didn’t support that capability.

Not having the ability to run the blog in a subfolder was a problem, but not being able to set up a reverse proxy was an even bigger issue once they acquired the Truesight Pulse URL. n order to easily migrate it to, while combining both pages’ SEO, they needed to be able to house it in a subfolder instead of as a subdomain.

The Solution

BMC  spent some time looking for a hosting provider that could meet their unique technical requirements and Pagely stood out with the willingness to help them setup a reverse proxy. BMC was able to migrate their blog and a couple of other WordPress-based pages over to Pagely on a trial basis, but it quickly became clear that they had all of the capabilities BMC  needed, as well as friendly staff who were committed to being responsive on support tickets.

After moving the  blog and setting it up in a subfolder, BMC  saw the traffic to our content double overnight as a result of the added SEO. Equally important, their uptime on Pagely has been “about five ‘nines’ – it’s a really stable WordPress environment. As long as we have WordPress sites, we’ll be using Pagely.”

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