A trendy, sustainable yarn company, Brooklyn Tweed's business website sees massive seasonal traffic spikes throughout the year. Hosting with Pagely enables them to scale up during these periodic spikes, accommodating increased traffic with ease.

Brooklyn Tweed

Brooklyn Tweed manufactures breed-specific yarns in support of domestic textile production, placing an emphasis on designing, sourcing, dyeing, and spinning all of their yarns in the US. The Brooklyn Tweed design team creates high-quality knitwear patterns for hand knitters, tailored for the wool yarns produced in-house and designed for modern, elegant silhouettes.

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When people ask me what about Pagely makes it worthwhile, it's that scalability; a lot of businesses can't afford to pay for a larger server on an ongoing basis, especially if they don't really need it. On top of the functionality, everyone we've worked with at Pagely has been on top of things. Their support staff is very professional and never dismissive, and even when your problem isn't something that they can fix they take the time to tell you what your developer needs to check on.

Luigi Boccia

The Challenges

As a fashion company, Brooklyn Tweed releases their products in collections. With a loyal and excited customer base, they spend weeks before each launch using social media to create a buzz around the new yarns and patterns.

A couple of years ago they launched the winter collection- the largest collection of the year- on a brand new site. In the past, they hadn’t experienced problems since the old site was much simpler. However, when the traffic to the new site spiked, they experienced a major crash.

Beyond the financial loss that occurred, their customers felt really let down, and so did the Brooklyn Tweed team. They realized they needed a server that was big enough to handle the volume increase that comes with new collections, but they’re also a small business and having a server that large year-round didn’t seem like a cost-effective option.

The Solution

With Pagely, Brooklyn Tweed now has a mid-size server that can double or even triple before a new collection launch. Pagely’s team scales their server in advance of the spike and keeps it at a larger size for a week while monitoring the site carefully for the first 24 hours after the collection is released.

Pagely was able to help this small business make a worthwhile, scalable investment into their company. On top of the functionality, everyone they worked with at Pagely was been on top of things, ready to help. The support staff was very professional and never dismissive, Even when the problem wasn’t something that could be fixed on the Pagely side,  they’d take the time to tell inform the developer’s what they needed to check on. Brooklyn Tweed was particularly pleased with the level of professionalism they encountered.

We leverage AWS because our customers demand the best. The expansive AWS feature set enables us to serve our clients with unique tooling and unparalleled performance and scalability.

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