A WordPress Hosting customer study.

Customer: is dedicated to helping people eliminate the cost of traditional cable by providing users with options for legal streaming services. Site visitors can search for sporting events, TV show premiers, or any other popular content to receive streaming options and recommendations.


tl;dr needed a WordPress host that could handle their growing traffic and offer the flexibility to run the custom code that was vital to their site. Today, the site sees about 1.5 million users per month and handles around 5,000 visitors at a time with zero issues.

"We’re set up at this point to handle anything. Even when we had 5000 people on the site, I clicked around and everything just worked." Chris Brantner - founder of CutCableToday

The Challenge

When we launched, we decided to host the site through Bluehost. It was our first page, and we didn’t really know what to expect-- but we had noticed that the site had been slowly snowballing for about a year and half. This past summer, that slow increase suddenly turned into a massive spikes surrounding major sporting events and show premiers. As the site’s popularity grew, we found ourselves on the front page of Reddit a few times. We were excited about the traffic, but that was tempered by constant site downtime as thousands of visitors crashed the page.

No matter what we did with Bluehost the problems kept happening. The site would lock up, I’d get on the phone with them, they’d sell me something different every time, and it would never work.

We decided we needed to make a change, and first went to WP engine. We had been developing a tool for the site that would allow users to search for shows, and the results would display individual host’s API feeds. When we brought it to WP engine, we found out they wouldn’t allow us to implement it on the back end. We couldn’t abandon the tool- we had poured a ton of time and money into it. That was make or break for us, so we started looking at other options. That’s when we found Pagely.

The Solution

When we moved to Pagely, I was nervous about not having 24 hour phone support. I got over that pretty quickly, as it turned out Pagely more than made up for it with their Slack channel and some of their other support resources.

We made the switch just before two major televised sporting events. We had a spike of 5000 users online at once, a situation that repeated itself with a major network premier. Pagely handled the traffic easily, and we’ve had zero problems. No matter how many visitors we’ve had on the site, we haven’t experienced downtime. It’s a big change from Bluehost, where the site would crash almost automatically around the 1500 visitor mark.

Last month 1.5 million users visited, and the site’s been performing really well. Pagely’s support has been super responsive, and that’s made us super happy. The Pagely team is extremely proactive about identifying potential problems and solving them before they affect our business.

We just started a new site, Sleepzoo, that we’re hoping to get to CutCableToday’s level. We’re glad that we’re able to launch it confidently, and we’ll be hosting all of our sites through Pagely going forward.

What is your WordPress challenge?