As a top tier master’s level school, St. Mary’s University has a big site that receives a lot of traffic. Their previous hosting company couldn’t keep up, and St. Mary’s found their site was going down… a lot. After realizing they needed a long-term hosting solution, they turned to Pagely to provide reliability, consistency and a true partner for the future of their website.

St. Mary’s University

St. Mary’s University, located in San Antonio, Texas, is a nationally recognized master’s level school with Catholic and Marianist roots. Their mission is to promote an ethic of service, to foster scientific and humanistic research, and to perform as an engine of social mobility. St. Mary’s is comprised of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the School of Science, Engineering & Technology, the Greehey School of Business and their nationally renowned St. Mary’s University School of Law.

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There really has been zero down time on our site since moving to Pagely.

Elaine Shannon

The Challenges

We were previously hosting with a local agency here in San Antonio, Texas, but our site was going down all the time and their tech support team didn’t seem to be able to explain why. They kept deleting logs, making it really hard for me to dive in and figure out what was going on. When I was able to find a log that hadn’t been deleted, I figured out that we had a couple of outdated plugins that were just filling up the database with craziness. Those outdated pieces were causing the whole server to continuously crash. We realized at that point that we had to move somewhere, so we said to ourselves “let’s take the time and find somewhere decent — somewhere we can stay for a long time.”

We looked around quite a bit trying to make sure that we’d find a really good fit. We spent a lot of time looking into a lot of high-tier hosts, like WP Engine and Flywheel. Eventually, we found Pagely. Ultimately, we decided to go with them because of the wealth of transparency on their website, through case studies and client review. It was really easy for us to identify success stories of other sites that are similar to ours. That gave us a really clear level of trust.

The Solution

I had been used to lower tier, shared hosting, so working with Pagely has gone way beyond my expectations for managing complex sites. When we started working with them, Pagely really took the lead — their support team migrated almost everything for us. They conversed back and forth through their ticketing system just to keep us updated on everything, made sure all of our jobs got set up correctly and more. We had a whole crazy set up at that time so we were just trying to migrate and then clean up after that — they were really great at figuring out both steps for us, as well as keeping us updated along the way. The timeline for the migration was about what we expected — it took a few days but we knew it was going to take some time to get through everything.

I’ve interacted with the Pagely team quite a bit through the help desk system. Everybody is really quick to respond, and the level of support that they’ve provided has been a lot higher than other hosting companies that I have worked with. They’ll troubleshoot things, even down to a plugin, which a lot of other companies won’t even touch.

Pagely really listens to customer feedback and they add a lot of services based on what they hear from their customers. When we first started there was just a plugin to access the database, but now there’s actual phpMyAdmin, which I’m a lot more comfortable with from a security standpoint. It’s things like that — the fact that they’re continuously improving and appreciating feedback — that make Pagely stand out.

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