UNICEF works to defend the rights of children in the most vulnerable regions around the world; they don’t have time to worry about their hosting, or get into a legal negotiation about their pre-written terms. When they were deciding which hosting company to work with for their new WordPress site, they went with the simplest, most robust, most flexible option-- and they’ve been with Pagely ever since.


UNICEF works in 190 countries and territories to protect the rights of every child. UNICEF has spent 70 years working to improve the lives of children and their families. Defending children's rights throughout their lives requires a global presence, aiming to produce results and understand their effects. UNICEF Data showcases the latest data on the situation of children and women worldwide.



Our sales rep, Sean, was very responsive and took our complications in stride and with grace. On a personal level that was really impressive, and felt like a good indication of an uncomplicated and efficient future working relationship.

Karoline Hassfurter

The Challenges

After changing our CMS to WordPress, we wanted to make sure that our whole web eco-system was fast, secure and flexible. We did an RFP alongside some independent market research, and were ultimately able to narrow our list down to three or four qualified vendors, all of whom specialized in WordPress hosting and provided the type of security features we needed.

At first, we thought we would choose a different vendor. Despite the great reputations of some of the other companies and the fact that the features were similar, our sister site had been running on this vendor for awhile, and we were familiar with their system. We wanted to move quickly, and using the same system seemed like an easier choice.

Unfortunately, that company wasn’t able to accept us as a client without making adjustments to our standard set of terms and conditions. It became clear that using their service would mean going through a lengthy negotiation process.

Obviously we have legal team to take care of those types of things; but frankly, we’d rather have them focusing on freeing our aid workers in Syria than our hosting.

The Solution

One of the main reasons we chose Pagely is that they were willing to be flexible with us. Our sales rep, Sean, was very responsive and took our administrative process in stride, and with grace. On a personal level, that was impressive, and felt like a good indication of a successful and efficient future working relationship.

Sure enough, they were able to accept our terms without a lengthy negotiation process. The whole thing moved quickly, and that was very, very attractive to us.

Everything was right about Pagely. We knew the team would do a good job, and the service fulfilled all the right criteria.

After making the switch, speed wise, our site became much faster and could handle more traffic– which increased by about 10-20% when we moved to Pagely. You can actually see in Google Analytics exactly when we started using the service.

As far as security is concerned, we’ve never had an issue since moving to Pagely. There was a WordPress breach or two, but Pagely got in contact right away letting us know that patches were in place and we were not affected. Basically no news– and no news is good news with your hosting provider.

All in all, we’ve been incredibly happy with our decision. The Pagely team has exceeded our expectations and we’re looking forward to continuing our relationship with their team.

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