The Vet Organics site was facing performance issues arose with their old hosting provider. They ultimately landed at Pagely and have had no issues since.

Vet Organics

Located in South Florida, Vet Organics makes natural, effective products for pets. Vet Organics strives to create better alternatives to existing products, and formulates natural pet supplements and products designed to solve everyday pet issues.

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Pagely is definitely a case of 'you get what you pay for.'

Craig Davis

The Challenges

We launched in 2011, and started growing rapidly almost immediately. When we were just setting out we had a really simple brochure website, and we were hosting it at one of the larger web hosts known for being inexpensive. That worked fine for awhile, but as we gained traction, we needed to start adding features like custom shopping cart capabilities. At the same time, we decided to double down on our marketing. With both of those factors hitting at once, problems started to arise.

The most frustrating part of our situation was that whenever we had a question we would sit on hold for half an hour, just to get a level one tech who often wasn’t able to actually solve the problem. We’d get transferred around to different techs, wasting our time and letting the problem linger while we pursued a solution. At that point, we knew we needed a change, so we moved to a different host with a better SLA.

While the support was an improvement from our previous host, it ultimately turned out to be a lateral move. The new host had it’s own sporadic issue where the site would go down and their best solution was to reboot the server every time we called. We didn’t consider it to be a major issue, until one weekend when our site went down for 24 hours because another client on our shared server had been hacked. Again, we decided it was time to move on.

The Solution

We had considered a handful of other companies, but I was ultimately sold on Pagely based on their client list. If a company like Disney – who would likely have zero tolerance for mishandling of their web infrastructure – was using Pagely, I knew our site would be safe with them.

We made the switch and instantly saw an improvement in our level of service. Pagely has been there for us every step of the way, and has solved every issue with minimal downtime. Hey, this is IT, things happen – but we’ve found that the entire support team is great to work with, and they have been since day one. Even if they don’t have the answer right away, they collaborate and handle issues extremely quickly.

We’re often running broad-scale marketing campaigns, and downtime can be extremely costly. I really appreciate the speed with which tickets are resolved. Ultimately, I have come to expect that fast turnaround for a ticket really does mean fast.

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